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Senior Class

Assistant Principal:
Mr. Bufalini  - 946-8287  

Mrs. Fleck (A-K) - 946-8279
Mrs. Anderson (L-Z) - 946-8282



 Dear Seniors,


            This is your year.  Let’s make it a positive one!  Make the most of the many learning experiences here, both in and out of the classroom.  Remember that good attendance counts for continued success in school as well as in the world of work.

            When you are in need of assistance with your educational career planning or with personal problem solving, and decision making, be sure to stop in or make an appointment and take advantage of our services. 

Below, we have listed information that is extremely important to you as a senior.  Please read each item thoroughly, and see us if you have questions.





 Tuesday, October 6  from 6:00-8:00 PM

The POST HIGH SCHOOL OPPORTUNITY FAIR will be held in the field house.  All seniors should attend the evening program with a parent/guardian.  Numerous institutions-including trades, technical, business, college, military and financial aid representatives will be here to discuss their programs and requirements for admission.


Thursday, October 8

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) will be given here at 8:00 AM. Please sign up in the Counseling office if you have not already taken this exam and are planning to join any branch of the military.


Tuesday, December 8 from 6:00-7:30PM

A FINANCIAL AID NIGHT for you and your parent or guardian will be held at the high school AUDITORIUM.  If you are planning on furthering your education, you should attend this evening session.  A guest speaker will address your concerns regarding State and Federal Financial Aid and answer questions about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form.  The FAFSA should be completed by all college bound seniors


Tuesday, January 12 from 9:00AM-6:00PM

FAFSA day for parents. FAFSA can be completed with representatives from PHEAA. Tax documentation is necessary and the  FAFSA ID. Appointments take 90 minutes. Meetings will be in the AAHS Career Center B100



When registering for the SAT, it is very important to send your scores to the colleges you are considering by entering their codes in the send reports section.  A number of colleges only accept scores sent directly from the testing service.



  1. Class work:

English- 4 credits

Social Studies- 3 credits

Mathematics- 3 credits

Science- 3 credits

PE- every school year

Health- .5 credits



See your counselor as soon as possible if you are missing a required subject or wish to see how many credits you have earned.  Failures of required courses must be made up in Summer School.


  1. Graduation Project:

All seniors must successfully complete a senior project in their English classes. Your English teacher will guide you through this process.



Seniors must attain proficiency on the Keystone Exam and/or project in Algebra I, Literature, and Biology.



Senior Responsibilities


  1. Use the school’s resources to continue career planning:
  • Career planning literature and a comprehensive online program at are available in the Career Center for your use. Using these tools, you can obtain information concerning occupations, post high school training opportunities, military services and financial aid.  To schedule an appointment, sign up beside the Career Center door.


  1. Apply to college and post-high school education programs:
  • Begin applying to post high school programs now. A few paper applications are available in our career center, you may request one from the school. Typically the school’s website will have information on the admissions process. Completing your college applications online is  the quickest and simplest way to begin.
  • Check the school’s website or catalog for specific deadlines.  Some colleges and competitive majors have early application deadlines.
  • If you use a paper application, bring all forms and fees to your counselor after you have completed the information in the student section. If you apply online, you need to notify your counselor in order to have your transcripts sent. PLEASE WATCH DEADLINES! You need to give materials to your counselor at LEAST TWO WEEKS before the deadline.
  • If you need a recommendation from a counselor or teacher, you also need to allow them a minimum of two weeks notice. This may impact your ability to meet the application deadline.
  • Notify your counselor of your post-high school plans.  It is your responsibility to have a final transcript sent to the college of your choice.


  1. Apply for Financial Aid
  • When gathering college or post-high school program applications, be sure to request financial aid information.  Addresses are available in the Career Center.  Many honors, awards, or work-study programs are offered only through the college’s financial aid office.
  • Financial aid & scholarship information is available in the Counseling Office.  All available scholarships are located inside the door of the counseling office AND are posted on the high school’s website at
  • Here are some important points about the new process:

*Even people who already have a PIN will have to create an FSA ID and password.

*The new ID can be linked to the PIN, but that is a separate part of the process, completed

at the end of the FSA ID/password creation.

*It can be a challenge to come up with a user ID that is valid and not already taken. It can also be a challenge to come up with a valid password due to the required complexity.

*Parents and students cannot use the same email address anymore. If a parent does not have their own email address, they will not be able to sign p for a FSA ID. It may be a good idea to let all senior parents know that they will need an email address. They may need assistance in creating an email account on Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

*The FSA ID sign-up process involved the sending and receiving of a verification code during the sign-up process. So it is necessary to be able to check email right away to retrieve the code. Without the code, the sign-up process cannot proceed.

*As was the case with the PIN, the FSA ID and password can be used immediately after creation in order to sign a new FAFSA; however, it cannot be used immediately to sign a renewal FAFSA. If there are parents/students who need to create a FAFSA for an upperclass college student, thre will be a 1-3 day delay between the creation of the FSA ID/password and when the renewal FAFSA can be electronically signed with it.

  • FAFSA form should be filed starting January 1.  Some colleges may also require you to file additional forms.  Check your college website to determine which forms are needed.
  • College, scholarship, and other information are given on the daily announcements.  If you do not hear the announcements, they are posted on the Counseling Office door daily.


  1. Study Island
  • Prove proficiency on Biology, Algebra 1, and Literature exams OR complete Study Island by

November 25 (before Thanksgiving). Certificate of completion is given to Mr. Neely. Students not completing this requirement will be placed in a Skills Refresher course for the spring semester.



 *Be aware that college and post-high school programs base acceptance on senior performance and the expectation of continued excellence.  Also, many scholarships are conditionally awarded and can be rescinded if senior grades fall below standards.


*The person who has the biggest stake in your education is you. It's up to you to stay on top of opportunities and deadlines and to take control of your future!