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Sophomore Class

Assistant Principal:
Mr. Cowher - 946-8238  

Mr. Westrick (A-K) - 946-8280
Mrs. Fox (L-Z) - 946-8283


Welcome to Altoona Area High School!

            We hope you will have a successful and pleasant tenth grade year.  To help bring this about, we have some important information for you.  First, the Counseling Office is on the first floor of the B-Building near the Main Office.  To schedule an appointment with your counselor, sign your name on the appointment sheet on the guidance secretary’s desk.  You may sign up before school, during lunch period, or after school.  We will send for you as soon as possible.  Please note: the Counseling Office is not a place where you are sent if you are in trouble.  It is a place for you to come when you need help, have questions or concerns, or just need to talk through an issue. We invite you to take advantage of the services we offer you in the areas of educational planning, career decision making, and personal counseling.  Our goal is to help each and every one of you with your personal development over the next three years.  We are connected with various student assistance programs and community agencies for students with special personal and/or home problems.  See your counselor if you need help.

Free Wisdom

Do the very best work you can this year.  Whether you are looking toward the world of work or higher education, your performance now matters to your future.  Consistent attendance and effort are critical.  Colleges admit students based on class rank, grades, and S.A.T/ACT scores.  Class rank will be completed after your eleventh grade year for college and scholarship purposes.

Acing Classes

We are concerned about your academic progress.  Use an agenda or planner to organize assignments and keep track of meetings/appointments. Make an effort to learn and utilize study techniques as well as test taking tips.  Don’t hesitate to ask for extra help, your teachers are your best resource if you are struggling in a subject.  You should regularly check Progress Book for missing work and grading updates.  Please keep in mind that schedule changes are limited to those who lack the skills and abilities to succeed in a course.

Think Long Term

All students must pass (24) twenty-four credits for graduation.  Of these twenty-four credits, a specific number is required in each of the subject areas as follows:

English  --------- 4 credits                        Social Studies------------ 3 credits (Civics, American, World Studies)
Math------------ 3 credits                        Science--------------------            3 credits (Biological, Physical)
Health----------- .5 credit (at AAHS)       Phys Ed-------------------            1 credit (.5 credit must be taken each year)
Humanities------2 credits                        Electives-----------------  7.5 credits
**A passing senior project and proficient Keystone scores are also required for graduation.

Plan for Success

Make use of the Career Center located across from the Counseling Office to help you explore career possibilities, post-secondary schools, military service, or financial aid and scholarships.  Computer software and Internet resources are available to help you with career choice and college selection.  You may sign up to use the Career Center by writing your name on the sign-up sheet which is located on the wall on the outside of the Career Center.

SAIT (Student Assistance Intervention Team)
Referrals for individual and group counseling services can be made by students, teachers, parents, etc. to your counselor. Parent permission will be required.