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Attention Parents of All High School Students

2015-2016 Horseshoe yearbooks are now on sale.  If you order by January 1st, 2016, yearbooks are $70.  The price increases to $80 starting January 2nd. 
You can purchase the yearbooks online through the publisher, Herff Jones or by completing a hardcopy order form and turning it in along with the purchase price of the yearbook by clicking here for the order form.

Attention Parents of Seniors
Surprise your senior(s) by purchasing a Horseshoe parent ad that will be printed in color and placed in this year’s Horseshoe yearbook.  You can purchase an ad for your soon to be graduate as big as an entire page or as small as 1/16th of a page.  Half page, ¼ page, and 1/8 of a page options are also available.   
Click here for design information and to place your orders.  All parent ad submissions are due by January 29, 2016.
Attention parents of students who purchased a yearbook last year:
If you haven’t done so already, 2014-2015 Horseshoe yearbooks can be picked up in the main office during school hours.  Please bring an ID or receipt with you in order to pick up your purchased yearbook.
Attention anyone interested in purchasing a 2014-2015 Horseshoe yearbook:
Being October 1st, last year’s yearbooks can be purchased for $80.  They will be on sale in the main office.

Additionally senior portrait information may be found by clicking here.

***IMPORTANT*** => We want to encourage parents to order graduation announcements, as the school is unable to provide any announcements this year. They are available through Jostens.  We will still provide the cap and gown at no additional cost to the student.


Searching for Scholarships?
Be sure to visit the AAHS Scholarship page to obtain a list of current scholarship opportunities.
Also check the power point Financial Aid night presentation for additional information.


Mountain Lion Memo
The quarterly newsletter which was previously mailed home can now be found on our website! Please click here to read the newest edition of the Mountain Lion Memo to keep current with the latest information.


Report Any Type of Abuse by:
 Calling 946-TIPS
 Emailing
 Texting 329-1331
 Dropping a note in the RED TIPS box in front of the Guidance Office
 Going to a trusted adult


Team Altoona
Team Altoona is a partnership between the Altoona Area School District and the Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation.  The group was formed last winter with the purpose of building communication with the students and families in these communities.  High school and elementary principals, along with high school students and coaches visited each of the four Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation locations for their Back to School celebrations.  We asked the families to complete a survey, while the high school students performed, assisted, or applied Mt. Lion tattoos for the children.  

Every Tuesday this school year, the AAHS and AAJHS student clubs, athletes, or musicians will visit one of the four locations.  The goal is to get the elementary students excited about art, music, education, theater, or sports, so they will want to stay in school.  Additionally, this provides allows the secondary students to share their talents, while doing a good deed for someone else.  One student said after her visit there, “I really feel like we should try to keep our school involved in this program through all the clubs and maybe through the classes. The kids there are fantastic and they really loved being with us and learning and a lot of them told me that they wanted to study just as hard as long as they got help and they could study. They were so eager to learn and I really feel like if we can keep all the people of AAHS involved we could really foster a good group of kids that are going to want to stay involved in Altoona and their communities as well as be better working and more focused in school. I guess I'm idealistic but I feel like with the warm reception and the awesome kids that were there, that we should keep in touch and stay on that. I know the kids would love it; they were eager to hear that I was coming back and I was only with them for about an hour.”

Finally, our partnership will continue through workshops for partners at these locations.  Our elementary and secondary counselors will be presenting workshops on bullying throughout the school year.  We feel communication is improving through our work with Team Altoona.

Notice of Nondiscrimination/Harassment
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law prohibiting discrimination
on the basis of sex in all education programs and activities operated by recipients of
federal funds. Please review the Altoona Area School District Notice of Nondiscrimination/Harassment Policy to find more information on this topic.

For more information on technology privacy click on our district's Technology Privacy Statement.

New Nurse's Website
Thanks to Paula Dibert and the nurses, the AASD Nurses website has been updated. Please review the Altoona Area School District Nurse's website to find more information on this topic.

2016-2017 Post High School Opportunity Fair

Make plans to represent your group/institurion at this year's Opportunity Fair!

Click here for more information.



AAHS Secondary Sports Site! Secondary Sports Site

Get the latest information for any of our districts secondary sports teams..

Need to speak with a teacher?
Communication is very important to us, so it is our hope that we can continue to improve communication between our parents and teachers.  Here’s how it works:

  •  Dial 505-1510.
  • Locate the person with whom you need to communicate.
  • After the beep, enter the extension.
  • Leave a message.
  • They will return your call.

We have listed here the extensions of all of the offices and teachers in the building


Attention Parents:
If a student will be home because of an illness for 3 or more days, homework may be requested from the counseling office.  Please allow at least 48 hours notice, so educators have an opportunity to gather the assignments and textbooks.  Teachers are instructing from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  Students who are out sick for a short period of time may request work from their teachers when they return to school or check progress book for class updates.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Changes in Graduation Requirements?

This is the first year our students are taking the Keystone Exams, so our attempt to clarify the graduation requirements regarding proficiency in Algebra I, Literature, and Biology, is outlined below.

The Class of 2014 must demonstrate proficiency in Algebra I and Literature.  If they do not meet proficiency of the exam in May, they must do a project as outlined by State regulations.  The students may have received a letter regarding Biology and meeting proficiency using Study Island.  This is not necessary for this class.

Beginning with the Class of 2015, students must demonstrate proficiency on Algebra I, Literature, and Biology to meet the graduation requirements.  If proficiency is not met by the beginning of the senior year, the students will be placed in a course to work on projects for each non-proficient subject. 

The Challenge Program wants to give you a check for $250!

Seniors, juniors, and sophomores, don’t forget that The Challenge Program wants to give you a check for $250 for your hard work during the school year in the categories of Attendance, Academic Improvement, Community Service and Academic Excellence. Check out The Challenge Program at for more information and the latest news about The Challenge Program at your school and suggestions about where you can job shadow or volunteer in your local community.

Help Our School:

How would you like to be part of getting money for our school by doing nothing out of the ordinary? Just by using your shoppers cards at Target and Martin's you can help. The following programs will help earn money for our school.

Martin's A+ School Rewards Program Click here for more information.

Target's Take Charge Program: Click here for more information.


Pause Before You Post and Bullying Initiatives

The Altoona Area High School and Jostens are sponsoring an initiative against bullying both here at school and in the cyberworld. For more information click here.


Altoona Area High School

Our Students Get Involved With the Mountain Lion BackPack Program

The BackPack Program has been a nationwide program of the Feeding America Network since 1995, designed to meet the needs of hungry children at times when other resources are not available, such as weekends. The concept was developed in Arkansas when a school nurse noticed that students were coming to her with stomachaches and dizziness on Monday mornings due to hunger. It operates in partnership with the school district. 

Each Friday during the school year, children enrolled in the program receive a backpack filled with easy-to-prepare meals and snacks in a safe and discreet manner. They bring their backpacks home, knowing they will have food for the weekend, and return the backpack to their teacher on Monday. The program runs for 30 weeks, October through May. Though the program has guidelines in place, it also has flexibility to be designed around the specific needs of each individual community.  Items are included for breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverage and snack for Saturday and Sunday. Samples of food  items that might be included in the backpack would be granola bars, instant oatmeal, cereal, Pop-Tarts, 100% juice boxes, tuna, soup, easy macaroni meals, Spaghetti-O’s, ravioli, peanut butter, fruit cups, pudding cups, Jell-O cups.

All food is purchased through and shipped from the district food bank that services our area, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Harrisburg. 

Development of Mountain Lion BackPacks has been with the cooperation of the Altoona Area School District and the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Harrisburg. In its first year, the program fed 100 students weekly at Wright Elementary School and has been given approval to feed all children with this need at Wright School this school year. It is the hope of Mountain Lion BackPacks to eventually expand to all elementary schools in the district. 

AAHS students in a variety of clubs, organizations and sports pack and deliver the backpacks each Friday. Heather Little, the local organizer sent this message to Mrs. Burlingame, “One of the teachers stopped me to say how wonderful it was to see the high school students permitted to participate like they do.  She went on to add that it was very encouraging to see the whole group come every week, different students each week, all eager to be part of helping out.  I just thought you should also receive the kind words of appreciation.”  We are proud of students and appreciate their support of this valuable program.




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