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Altoona Cyber Academy

We have made significant improvements in our cyber program and take great pride in the outstanding education offered to all of our students from our pre-school program through high school!  For families that are looking for a cyber based education, we now offer the Altoona Cyber Academy for grades K-12.  Our secondary cyber curriculum mirrors our traditional classrooms, with courses developed and taught by Altoona teachers.  The cyber option provides flexibility in scheduling and the opportunity to earn an AAHS diploma.


AASD can provide support with Internet access if that is a challenge for our families.  We have invested in mobile hot spots for families with a need.  Students in grades 3-12 have the advantage of one to one technology, with students in grades 6-12 having a take home Chromebook to be able to utilize for in school and at home instruction.  Students in grades 3-5 have access to a one to one device at school and devices are available to any student choosing a virtual or cyber option through AASD. 

The elementary cyber program is a combination of standards aligned virtual curriculum through Edgenuity or Odysseyware and supports, interventions, and supplemental instruction from Altoona teachers.  Our high school cyber students have the opportunity to attend desired electives in person such as art, technology education or music classes. We also encourage our cyber students to participate in our numerous activities, clubs and sports as a way of expanding their interests and providing social opportunities and connections. Our cyber faculty and staff also provide tutoring sessions and one on one assistance. We provide technical support for families and will provide the instructional support to make at home learning a positive experience for any family choosing that option.

Please take time to weigh the benefits of an AASD education.  We are confident that we can provide an individualized academic program that is comprehensive and supportive of each student’s needs.  Please give me a call to discuss your option of returning to the AASD and giving your child the best education for their future! Please contact your child’s school counselor for the application.