2021-2022 Horseshoe yearbooks are now on sale. The cost starts at $65.00, with free icons (by Sept. 24). The price increases to $70 starting January 17th, then to $75 on April 4th..

You can purchase the yearbooks online through the publisher,
Surprise your senior(s) by purchasing a Horseshoe parent ad that will be printed in color and placed in this year’s Horseshoe yearbook. You can purchase an ad for your soon to be graduate as big as an entire page or as small as 1/16th of a page. Half page, ¼ page, and 1/8 of a page options are also available. 

All parent ad submissions are due by February 10, 2022.  All the information every AAHS Senior and parent needs can be found on the flyer below. 
The AAHS Horseshoe staff is always looking for businesses to purchase an advertisement for the yearbook! Your support is truly appreciated and very helpful in keeping the cost down for our students.  Please click below for more information.
January 21, 2022
See below for what every AAHS Senior & Parent needs to know about the yearbook this Year.