Fair Information



 Please plan to attend both the evening and morning sessions.

Check-in begins at 4:30 p.m. at the field house until the fair begins.  Please use this time to unload all your materials from your vehicle.  Materials can be left at the field house overnight. They will be secure. Refreshments and snacks are provided to the representatives for the evening session of the fair.

There will be fruit and pastries along with coffee/tea/soda/water during the morning session.

After the completion of the fair, lunch will be provided.  If you are not able to stay for lunch consider taking something to go.

The Tuesday evening session is for parents.  In the past, attendance numbers have ranged from 150-200 people.  The Wednesday session is reserved primarily for students.  We invite 23 high schools to attend the morning session.  We typically get a response from 9-12 of them.  Along with these high schools, our own high school will attend from 10:50 until 12:05.  You should expect  at least 1100 students.

The Altoona Area High School has a Career Center dedicated to supplying our students with information about training centers, colleges, technical schools, trade schools, military options, etc.  Your help is needed to keep the information current.  Please put together at least two information packets about your group/institution. They should include a catalog or information brochure, financial aid information, and several applications.  If your institution does not have paper applications, a note stating that would be helpful. 

Please keep in mind that our high school typically graduates around 500 students.  It is crucial to have multiple copies of information.  There will be a tote at the registration desk to place these packets. 

Thank you for your cooperation.