AAHS Students Use Art to Help Boost Cancer Patients

AAHS Art Teacher Kathryn Close and her students took their project to the next level.  The students real-world activity recocnizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month as Ms. Close describes:
The project started as a lesson in value and shading. I was inspired by a lesson I found on the Art of Ed website and decided to put my own twist on what could have been a basic ribbon drawing. Keeping ribbons in mind, I thought about the Breast Cancer ribbon since October is breast cancer awareness month. This topic is very personal to me because my mom has been battling breast cancer on and off since I was in fourth grade. I knew the students could relate to this in their own lives because almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. So to tie these ideas together, we made a collaborative drawing in which a pink ribbon runs through each students' project. The projects were intended to be hung in the halls of the high school but we decided it would be more meaningful to hang them at UPMC Altoona Cancer Center where cancer patients and their families can view the drawings. The students and I hope The Ribbon Project brings joy to those viewing it and boosts/improves the mood of what could be a somber environment. The students and I came up with a description to accompany the artwork. The first paragraph reads: "The students of Altoona Area High School made The Ribbon Project to celebrate breast cancer survivors, honor all people currently going through treatment, and memorialize those who have lost their lives." Later on, it says: "The purpose of this project was to serve as a visual reminder that a ribbon can hold us all close, even in the harshest of times."