Welcome to the Neil Armstrong Planetarium!

Mr. Jim Krug has served as the Planetarium Director of the Neil Armstrong Planetarium at Altoona Area High School ever since the 2003-2004 school year, replacing the late great Regis Huschak, original Planetarium Director.
Random Trivia #1: There have only been 2 Planetarium Directors in the 40+ years since the Neil Armstrong Planetarium opened in 1972.
Random Trivia #2: Both Planetarium Directors hailed from Portage, PA, which is normally just lumped with all other Cambria County towns as "Up the Mountain" to all of you Altoona cityfolk. 
Mr. Krug strives to improve the Level 3 Academic Astronomy (year-long) and Level 2 Astronomy (semester) courses every single year.  However, coupled with all of the other Planetarium challenges he takes on- like advising the AAHS Astronomy Club, co-creating and maintaining the Space Race Museum, teaching evening Adult Courses in the winter, hosting Planetarium birthday parties and scouting groups, hosting public sky shows, and building the Mt. Lion Observatory at Fort Roberdeau- sometimes can make him short and cranky throughout the day.  Fear not, students!  Mr. Krug is a generally decent person, and you will enjoy the courses offered in the Planetarium if you take them.
(He also loves talking about aliens, so if you don't feel like doing a ton of schoolwork one day, the easiest way to get Mr. Krug off-topic is to mention something about aliens.)