Mr. Andy Neely
Altoona Area High School Principal

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Mr. Neely's duties include:

Implementing School Board Policy
Summer School Director
Q-Site Management Coordinator
Academic/Voc-Tech Linkage Facilitator
Parent and Student Advisor/Coordinator
Master Student-Teacher Schedule
Academic Coordinator

NedimyerMr. Nedimyer Assistant Principal, Senior Class

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Departmental Responsibilities

  • Art
  • Music
  • Library
  • Science
  • Special Education


Areas of Specialization

  • Athletic Eligibility
  • Classroom Coverage Coordinator
  • Cafeteria Coordinator
  • Communication Coordinator with GACTC
  • Data and Statistics Coordinator
  • Special Education Liaison
  • Summer School Coordinator
  • VEMIS Reporting


Mr. McGinnis Assistant Principal, Junior Class

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Departmental Responsibilities

  • Community Service
  • Driver Education
  • Social Studies
  • World Language
  • Mathematics
  • Nurses
  • Health and Physical Education


Areas of Specialization

  • Technology Coordinator
  • School Locks and Lockers
  • Reporting Room Assignments
  • Court Liaison
  • Student Activities Liaison
  • PSSA Liaison

Mr. Cowher Assistant Principal, Sophomore Class

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Departmental Responsibilities

  • School-to-Career
  • Business Education
  • English
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • World Language

Areas of Specialization

  • Fire Drill Safety
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Building Maintenance Coordinator
  • Behavioral Intervention Coordinator
  • Student Teacher Coordinator
  • Coordination of the AP Testing
  • Coordination of NOCTI Testing
  • Emergency Disaster Facilitator
  • Administrative Hearing Coordination
  • Social Media Liaison

Mr. Riccio Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

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Departmental Responsibilities

  • Athletics Director

Areas of Specialization

  • Professional Development for Coaches
  • PIAA Rules Liaison
  • Oversee all Athletic events
  • Officials Coordinator
  • Big A Booster Liaison
  • Athletic Council Coordinator
  • Coordination of all Transportation of Athletic Events
  • Scheduling Coordinator for all Athletic Events
  • Coordinator for all Laws and Reporting for Athletic Events
  • Coordination of the Athletic Websitel

Mr. Bufalini Assistant Principal, William P. Kimmel Alternative School

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