Check below for sites for important tests, dates and pricing. Contact your guidance counselor should you have any questions.


Advanced Placement Exams are held in the spring each year.   The new protocol for taking the test is to register online in the fall by the end of October for each test in the spring. To register, find dates, testing centers and other pertinent information click https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home.  To pay for the exam click www.Totalregistration.net/AP/390055.

The cost for each AP exam is $98. See your counselor for information on whether you may qualify for a fee waiver

     Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test is given here at Altoona Area High School each October and will cost $17. It is an important first step on the road to college. We recommend that all juniors who are considering pursuing a four- year degree after high school sign up in our main office to take this evaluation. It provides students with practice and insight into testing strategies, plus invaluable information for educational and career planning. In addition, the selection index given with the individual results qualifies academically superior students for scholarships and awards.


Scholastic Assessment Test I: Reasoning Test - for college bound juniors
Scholastic Assessment Test II: Subject Tests - for specific colleges & majors (see your counselor)

Juniors who plan to attend college should register for the Scholastic Assessment Test. Registration materials are available in the counseling office. Students are encouraged to register online. Fee waivers are available from your school counselor for families who are eligible for free and reduced lunches.

SAT Test Dates http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-us-dates


AAHS Test Center #39-116           AAHS (CEEB) School Code: 390055

Bring your admission ticket, a photo ID, two No 2 pencils, and a calculator.
Arrive at 7:45 a.m. to locate your testing room.

SAT Online Registration (click here to go to the college board website for further information)




Students may elect to take the ACT, another college entrance exam. Registration materials and fee waivers are available in the counseling office. However, students may find it easiest to register online. The cost is $50.50 for the ACT or $67.00 for the ACT Plus Writing.


The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is given every year to students who are interested in pursuing a military career. The test provides specific information to help explore both military and civilian careers. Taking the ASVAB does not obligate students to the military in any way. Representatives from the military administer the exam once during the school day each October. If you are interested in enlisting but missed this year's test, see your counselor or your recruiter to make individual arrangements.