Scrip Fundraiser

Over 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS in sales since its inception in 2011.

The success of our Scrip Gift Card Program speaks for itself!

This is your invitation to a fundraiser that costs you nothing, doesn’t require you to buy items you don’t want or need, yet still earns money for the AAHS Fine Arts Department and AAJHS music program as well as your student’s fair share/trip participation fees. With Scrip, you use gift cards to make your usual purchases (groceries, gas, restaurants, clothing, etc.). A percentage of each sale is returned to the AAHS and AAJHS programs and your student. You’re not being asked to buy anything you don’t need. Just purchase cards for businesses you normally visit, and use the cards instead of cash. Plus, since Scrip is a year ‘round fundraiser, there is no beginning or ending date. Place orders whenever you wish! The money your raise via Scrip rolls with your student through 12th grade. That’s a tremendous advantage when it comes to the cost of the Disney trip at AAHS.

Please take a moment to visit and browse the list of more than 700 businesses nationwide that participate in our program. Next to each business name is the percentage of the sale returned by the vendor. Of that percentage, 60% goes to your designated music student, 30% goes to the music program, and 10% covers our administrative costs.

You may place your order directly via the website, or you may place it in person. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the scrip coordinator at the e-mail address below. We look
forward to having you earn with Scrip!
Scrip Coordinator - [email protected]


Join us at AAHS Music Parents/Scrip Shop Facebook Group!/groups/182387161852452/

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